Leslie Ben Hamilton, producer


As a child, Leslie Ben Hamilton was addicted to festivals. She'd beg the family to attend any within driving distance, all countries worthy of celebration. The intersection of cultures, the interplay between people and languages, was irresistible. At 20, she cast herself in the role of foreigner and took flight to Seville. Between lectures and dancing with gypsies, Leslie cultivated her Spanish lisp and directed an independent study on cultural perceptions and stereotypes. Eventually, she returned to the States in search of a career to reconcile her disparate loves of creativity, persuasion, and the underlying order of all things.

Production bridges these perfectly, honoring our diversity as advertising shakes hands with the individuals and groups that comprise society.

Ms. Hamilton got her feet wet in the general market, helping bring boards to life for children's literacy and Fortune 500s. Four years later, she began exploring the Latin market, with its myriad variations and subtleties, even landing a role on the Hispanic Candid Camera.

Having plumbed the depths of production and pop culture for over a dozen years, Leslie now switches between markets, from agency to production company to post house, and thoroughly enjoys the freelance pool.